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About Zip-Cover

World's best boat covers for eights (8+), fours/quads (4+/-/x), pairs/doubles (2x/-) and singles (1x)!

Zip-Cover designs, manufactures and sells the highest quality rowing equipment covers and accessories in the world. We cover the full range of rowing racing shells, sweep and sculling oars and sweep and sculling riggers.

We also make accessories to protect all types of riggers, sculling oars, sweep blades, and carbon fins. The same attention to detail is applied to the design and construction of these bags, creating a complete set of products.


Our covers are custom made in USA using the best materials, highest quality standards and attention to detail. Every cover is backed by the best customer service anywhere. Our reputation for quality and superior customer service has brought us customers from around the world.

We custom-make each cover to fit each boat, specifically tailoring the fit depending on manufacturer, model, year and rigger style. Covers can be personalized in color selection and logos.

Zip-Cover is the best choice for durable and attractive covers for all rowing shells.

Zip-Covers are constructed of the best outdoor-use fabrics on the market, and feature padding or lining, industrial grade zippers and and Velcro and double stitching for strong seams.

As rowers ourselves, we understand how our products will be used, and constantly test our covers looking for improvements. We stand behind our products and will work with you to customize your cover to meet your exact needs. We have such confidence in our covers that, apart from exceptional circumstances, we do not ask for payment until you are fully satisfied with the cover you receive.

Some popular products:
Carry All Bag Carry All Bag
Carry All Bag (heavy duty fabric). Large (36"x30"x20"), or any custom size. "Wide Mouth" design allows for easy load of large items.
Carry All Light Sack
Large Carry All light 36" x 52" nylon sack.
blade cover close
Blade Cover Sweep ($50) or Sculling ($40). Sold in pairs.
oar bag design
Dreher Sculling Oar Bag.